Locally-Inspired Seasonal American Cuisine

In-house Dining, 

Heated Patio Dining 

and Curbside Take-Out

Our hours of operation 

Tuesday thru Saturday 

In-House or Patio Dining 5:00-9:00 p.m.

Take-Out 5:00-7:30pm

orders need to be in by 3:00 the day of pick up 

(we do some times sell out before 3:00)

Sorry...... Sold Out Friday April 23 and Saturday April 24



if you are wanting to use a gift card for Take Out you will need to call in order

menus for April 20-24 below 

Who We Are

The Ivy Inn Restaurant is located near the University of Virginia. We feature Locally-Inspired Seasonal American Cuisine. We have 4 dining rooms inside our historic house and a large tented garden patio.

(locally-inspired seasonal american cuisine)

(The Ivy Inn Restaurant is located near the University of Virginia)

(We have 4 dining rooms inside our historic house and a large tented garden patio.)

Our Reviews

During Covid-19 Crisis- Take Out Food Only.

We never expected during these weeks of isolation that we would be enjoying date night at home with dinner from our favorite restaurant. Can’t wait until next next week. 

 Thank you. Jill and Sherwood Frey

I think you have changed our quarantine lives dramatically! We are doing Friday Ivy Inn date nights!

So excited! I find it poetic that you all were one of the key factors in persuading us to move to Charlottesville to NYC and now you are sparking a routine date night for us in the midst of such tragic times!From the bottom of my heart, thank you!



Regular dining-- We hope that returns sooner than later...

Dear Mr. Vangelopoulos,

I can’t thank The Ivy Inn enough for the wonderful 60th Anniversary event for my husband’s parents. The food, as always, was delicious and exquisitely presented and we have already made arrangements to have one of the menus framed. I am sure you appreciate that these advanced anniversaries are very special to a family…and ours now has a wonderful memory! We also can’t express our gratitude enough to Heather. She was so attentive and really seemed to know exactly what to say to our parents to highlight their special day. We have always celebrated significant family events at The Ivy Inn and that tradition will continue.

Again, thank you so very much!

Steve and Jamie Hughes

-Charlottesville October 2019

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